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We Find and Fix Water Leaks on the Gold Coast!

Plumbing leaks can be difficult to detect and costly to repair. Every day, water leaks can cost hundreds of dollars.

To accurately find concealed water leaks, Leak Detection Gold Coast uses the most technologically advanced non-invasive methods available. Our team of experienced specialists can help you with everything from home leak detection to commercial leak detection on the Gold Coast.

Call National Plumbing today. We will locate and repair your leak as soon as possible!

Leak Detection Gold Coast

Leak Detection Services Gold Coast

Repairing leaking pipe on the Gold Coast

How to Repair a Water Leak

All internal and external water pipes can be repaired and installed by us. To repair water leaks, we only utilise high-quality materials. Our water leak detection system employs modern sensor technology to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. All of our leak repair and detection methods exceed Australian Standards.

National Plumbing has concrete demolition saws that can help you cut concrete. We have the ability to remove concrete with powerful jackhammers, dispose of all concrete waste, and re-concrete any and all locations that require it.

Our leak detection plumbers on the Gold Coast can gain access to repair water leaks by cutting walls and placing temporary cover parts. If the leak is in a garden bed, we will use the proper bedding sand to backfill around all of our repairs.

To lessen the possibility of future water leaks, we may supply and install pressure reduction values onto your water meter.

We will record the water meter reading so that you can quickly claim your excess water bill through the council, and we will supply you with a written report of the finished services so that you can make an insurance claim.

Gold Coast Leak Detection Questions

How Does Water Leak Detection Work?

All water leaks in pipes make noise. That is how an electrical water leak detecting system works.

Using microphones, digital amplifiers, filters and electronic leak detection technology amplifies the sound of moving water, allowing the leaking pipe to be located.

Once the leaking pipe has been found, the pressure in the line can be adjusted to produce a specific sound that our Gold Coast plumbers can use to locate the leak. The sound of pressure escaping from a broken pipe varies according to the type of pipe, location, and amount of water flowing.

Our Gold Coast leak detection experts can detect leaks using a range of non-invasive acoustic leak detection devices. Using a water leak sensor, we can identify leaks in problematic pipe types and conditions without breaking ground or affecting your water service.

How Can I Check for Water Leaks?

If you receive a huge water bill and suspect that you have a leak somewhere, there are a few actions you can do to determine if you have a water leak.

Follow these 5 simple procedures to determine if you have a water leak. You can measure your water meter once and then measure it again to check if it has moved or changed.

1. Turn off all faucets and turn off all water-using fixtures in your home (dishwashers and washing machine etc.).

2. Find your water meter. It will be in the space between the curb and your property.

3. Make a note of your meter’s reading.

4. Ensure that no water is used during your test period. Do not turn on any taps or flush any toilets. Allow at least 2 hours for testing for the best results.

5. After your test time is complete, read your water meter once again.

If you’ve noticed a change in your meter reading, you’ve got a leak!

If you have a water leak that you can’t find by inspecting fixtures like the toilet or taps, you may have a break in your water pipes. We recommend that you quickly arrange for a National Plumber to evaluate and repair the problem.

How Much Does Water Leak Detection Cost?


The cost of leak detection varies depending on the type of equipment used as well as the nature and location of the water leak.

Finding and repairing leaks as soon as possible will help you save money on your water bill and avoid the need for expensive additional services for any subsequent water damage.

So, if you’re having trouble locating or repairing a water leak, simply call leak detection Gold Coast for an emergency appointment and get the problem resolved immediately without the need for additional repair work. National Plumbing is always ready to ensure that any unexpected plumbing concerns are resolved as soon as possible!

Gold Coast Leak Detection Questions
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