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Blocked Drains Gold Coast

Why we are the Gold Coast’s #1 Voted Blocked Drains Plumbers Near You!

Whether you have a completely blocked drain, a partially blocked drain, or a stinky drain, our skilled technicians can help you get your drains back up and “running”.

Our plumbers are professional and qualified, and they can unclog any drain for you immediately!

We provide expert repair and installation of all internal and external water waste fittings and piping. We have blocked drain specialists on the Gold Coast that are ready to clear your pipes as soon as possible.

Call National Plumbing right away. We will clear your drains promptly and affordably.

We clear all types of blocked drains

Sewage Drain & Storm Water Drain Repairs

Sewage Drain Repairs

Blocked Drains Gold Coast provides drainage installation and restoration services for your complete property. We can repair and restore all underground drainage difficulties to fit all earth conditions. We will assess the earth conditions and install the appropriate replacement piping. From single-family homes to multi-story complexes, National Plumbing can repair raised and exposed drainpipes.

Once completed, we will backfill and compact around all of our underground pipes using the best grade bedding sand suitable for the ground conditions. When finished, we condense and top-dress to ensure that your home is left in a neat and respectable shape that everyone would appreciate.

If you’re having sewage or stormwater drain issues, call National Plumbing Gold Coast right away and we’ll send one of our professional and fully licensed Gold Coast blocked drain plumbers to assist you.


We can get to you quickly if you have a stormwater drain problem! We have extensive experience assessing stormwater drain issues. We will prioritise your stormwater drain execute the repairs in a timely and efficient manner.

If you need an estimate to replace your stormwater lines, contact your Gold Coast blocked drains specialist at National Plumbing. We can also help with that.


We provide a full commercial and industrial drain-clearing service using pipework with a diameter of up to 225mm. For blocked drains plumbing on the Gold Coast up to 200mm in diameter, we also employ the most advanced CCTV drain inspection camera and sonar detection system. To unclog drains, we utilise 5000 psi jet blasting devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Drain Gurgling?

Gurgling is the sound made when something blocks the flow of water or air through your drains. Bubbles form and make this gurgle-like noise in pipes as it slowly travels.

The underlying question is, what is creating these blockages?

Call your local Gold Coast blocked drain plumbing experts to get your blocked drain fixed quickly and professionally, whether it’s a sink, toilet, or shower obstruction!

What is causing my Drain Blockage?

A blocked drain is caused by an impediment in your sink, shower, or bathtub. Understanding how they differ will allow you to deal with them more successfully and efficiently!

The root cause of this type of problem differs depending on which fixture has been compromised, but there are some general recommendations to follow when diagnosing yourself.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding how to unclog a drain, contact one of our Blocked Drains National Plumbing plumbers for a quote and a $0 Call Out Fee.

Partial Blockage

When your drain becomes partially clogged, a full clog isn’t far behind. The water will drain more slowly than usual, and the gurgling has already started!

If you notice this issue sooner rather than later, use Drain Cleaner to remove any filth or debris that may have built within it before matters worsen for both you and people who rely on these lines nearby (ie: neighbours).

Complete Blockage

A complete clog will give a continuous sound, although partial blockages frequently produce bubbling noises; if no liquid comes out at all, it’s most likely just hair (or soap) lodged between two pipes somewhere along their length.

If many drains are clogged, it is likely that your sewage line is clogged. In this scenario, contact your local Gold Coast National Plumbing plumber, who will use a camera to assess the blockage and repair the drain as soon as possible!

How to fix a Blocked Drain?

We’re all aware that plumbing issues are no laughing matter. It’s even more upsetting when it happens in your own home!

So, if you’re having trouble resolving a blocked drain, simply call blocked drains Gold Coast for an emergency appointment and get the problem resolved quickly without having to worry about any additional repair work on top of what needs to be done first because our team of fully qualified blocked drain plumbers knows their way around this nasty business better than anyone else.

Sewage Drain & Storm Water Drain Repairs

Types of Blocked Drains we can unblock


  • House Drains
  • Toilets
  • Kitchen Sinks
  • Showers
  • Basins
  • Laundry Tubs
  • Grease Traps
  • Commercial Property Trade Waste Drains
  • Storm Water Pits
  • Downpipes
  • Gutter Cleaning (tree leaves and compost build-up)

We offer the latest and greatest technology to unblock your drains


  • 5000 PSI Jetting machine, which runs high-pressure water to clear tree roots and blockages.
  • 40mm to 225mm pipe diameter.
  • CCTV drain camera inspections and sonar location system for drainage and investigations. Our CCTV drain and inspection cameras record to a USB stick and include the location of drainage and depth. Ask us about this service!
  • High intensity drain acid applications.
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